Here comes the Panda

Some days ago my Pandaboard finally arrived!

Currently Digikey is still the only reseller for it and it seems they are permanently out-of-stock since the Pandaboard is for sale. Anyway, over a month ago I decided to just order it, even though I don't really had enough time for it, because it seemed it could take some months.

Anyway, now it is here, as usually deliveded by FedEx in the blink of an eye. They did not even charge the usual import fees (EUSt) - it probably did not actually go through customs as a development kit.

As everyone seems to do unpacking pictures, videos and so on, I don't bother, but there are some nice pictures of the device in my gallery. Mr. Panda in the Wild

Anyway, it comes in a box and is very lonely because there is nothing else in it (what is good!).

You just need a 5V powersupply to get it running - according to the wiki it should even be possible to get power over the mini-USB port, though I haven't tried that yet.