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  1. A Change of Seasons

    I haven't really had any spare time I felt would be best spent writing something here lately, so I think it is at least time for a short update.

    The title is not only one of my favorite Dream Theater songs (if you can call 23 minutes a song) - here it also means that my favorite time of the year is coming. And yes, apparently you can go skiing in October. :)

    2300m: Stubaier Gletscher 2300m

    3200m: Stubaier Gletscher 3200m

    Now, off to Sweden.

  2. server fail and more

    While I was on vacation, my old vServer provider decided to inform me via a 2-liner that my vServer has been nuked. At first it was supposed to be only a short power outage, but a day later a mail came in, that all data is gone. This certainly wasn't the first time I doubted the ability of the provider to maintain his machines, so it finally pushed me to move on.

    Anyway, while it might be overkill for me, I'm finally on real hardware (and OVH is ridiculously cheap) and while it isn't failsafe in any way, I'm much more comfortable by being able to maintain it myself completely.

    As you can see, my old blog is also gone. I could have restored the backup, but I wanted to move from blogofile 0.7 to 0.8 for a while and never had the time and motivation to do so - so I decided to just restore my few posts and set up blogofile 0.8 with the simple-blog profile from scratch. I'm currently working on the templates and the CSS to make it look decent again, but this may take some time, as I ...

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  3. Thoughts on the new Firefox release strategy

    As everybody should know by now, Mozilla did a huge change in the their Firefox release policy. It is highly controversial, so I felt sharing my thoughts might help.

    Until very recently Firefox had a very "old-school" versioning scheme: Major.Minor.Bugfix Bugfix-releases happened rather often, usually about once a month. Minor releases happened every few months, Major every few years. I don't need to explain what bugfix releases were for. Minor releases usually introduced minor new features like support for new web standards, minor UI changes, and bigger improvements on existing features. Major releases happened very rarely and usually introduced big UI overhauls, major feature additions and support of a bigger range of web-standards.

    So what did this mean for support of actual websites and web-applications? I will tell you: Nothing. Besides adding support for new stuff, there hardly ever were any deprecations and regressions. If your website worked in 1.x, it probably worked just as well in 4.x because the standard didn't change. Maybe it looked a little worse because the standard changed a little, or the implementation behaved a little different.

    Let's come to the new and current system, that's meant ...

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  4. Hello World

    I have tested a lot of different blog software. But just like with mail-clients: every single one sucks. :)

    Some month ago I finally found one that sucks considerably less than anything else I tested: blogofile. Unfortunately I really didn't want to spend any time making a proper template to get started, so I let it rot on my webserver. Now I finally had some time and muse to finally get it done, and there it is.

    The layout is probably unfinished and will receive changes, but it's good enough to get started.

    I will try to get stuff to my projects and everything else posted here from now on.

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