server fail and more

While I was on vacation, my old vServer provider decided to inform me via a 2-liner that my vServer has been nuked. At first it was supposed to be only a short power outage, but a day later a mail came in, that all data is gone. This certainly wasn't the first time I doubted the ability of the provider to maintain his machines, so it finally pushed me to move on.

Anyway, while it might be overkill for me, I'm finally on real hardware (and OVH is ridiculously cheap) and while it isn't failsafe in any way, I'm much more comfortable by being able to maintain it myself completely.

As you can see, my old blog is also gone. I could have restored the backup, but I wanted to move from blogofile 0.7 to 0.8 for a while and never had the time and motivation to do so - so I decided to just restore my few posts and set up blogofile 0.8 with the simple-blog profile from scratch. I'm currently working on the templates and the CSS to make it look decent again, but this may take some time, as I plan to finally learn more cool CSS stuff (one of which I already started to implement, thanks to a hint from josch). It's really amazing what you can do with CSS nowadays, finally there is no more reason to do any design in html.